All your learning material organized and ready for review

Axonotes is a read-it-later library with powerful learning features. Save and organize all your learning material and Axonotes will use spaced repetition to optimally remind you to review your material so that you never forget it again.

How it works

1. Save

Save full web pages using the Axonotes chrome extension. Organize them in folders. You can toggle learning mode and save it to your read it later list.

2. Annotate

Annotate all key info and make review cards out of it. You can edit the saved web page any way you want. Support for more file formats coming soon.

3. Review

Axonotes will use spaced repetition algorithm to optimally remind you to review your material. Your next review is scheduled on the basis how you rate your retention of the reviewed information.

Spaced Repetition

Whether you are preparing for an exam or just casually learning something, spaced repetition is a proven way to better understand and recall what you learn.

The curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it. Ever crammed for exam a night before and forgot everything in a few days?

With spaced repetition you review the information with increasing gaps depending upon the difficulty increasing your retention.


Clip web pages

Clip full web pages and save them as articles in your library.

Edit and Annotate

Edit saved html any way you wish. You can annotate important stuff.

Read it later

Can't read it now? Save it to your read it later list.


Optimally review your material using spaced repetition or your custom schedule.


Organize all your saved articles in nested folders.

Pdf, Doc

Support for more file extensions coming soon.

Use cases

Study for exams

Stop cramming just a day before exams. With axonotes you can create a revision schedule that fits your style.

Learn effectively

Even if you are a casual learner, Axonotes can help you better understand and recall what you learn.

Read it later

Not interested in learning features of Axonotes? You can use Axonotes as a read-it-later library of web pages and pdfs.

Archive Web Pages

Archive full web pages and organize them in nested folders.

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